My Question of the Month: Why do you stay in the relationship?

So I'm not known for posting a lot of questions, but I'm starting to get requests for articles again, and I think what might be helpful is if I get some general feedback from all of you.

On my to-do list, I have a request for an article that discusses non-traditional relationships and the motivations people have for them, be it temporary, permanent, or something they walked into and can't seem to get out of.

But, because it would be potentially frightening for people to expose themselves as being in a non-traditional relationship (as a guide, these would be relationships that typical labels of boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, significant other, etc don't apply), I will pose this question generally to people.

The focus is about how unhappy people are in these non-traditional relationships, but that at the same time there is something within them being satisfied that they can't seem to get from a traditional relationship.

So my (long-winded, I know) question to you all is this:

Why do you stay in your unhappy, unsatisfying relationships?

I'm not posting a poll because I need you to explain why in your answers. Thank you in advance!
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  • I did that once and that's because I was stubborn and refuse to admit to myself he was wrong for me. Also it's because I believe I already spent such a long time with him. It might make it work this time after every fight we had.

    Guess it's a ego thing?

  • Sometimes its possibly fear or never finding someone else/ afraid to be alone.

    Sometimes feelings feel to strong to walk away despite the un happy relationships.

    for me personally its because I know we love each other and despite it can be un happy sometimes the good is currently out weighing the bad.


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