Would a girl date this kind of guy?

Both are between the ages of 18 and 22.

Guy is quite ambitious, attends trade school, still lives with parents, no car, no job.

Girl is ambitious, has a job, looks all independent, probably lives by her self already, possibly has her own car already.

Would the girl give the guy the time of day, even after learning all this after getting to know the guy after a few of dates?
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Damn, girls gave really good answers. Don't know who to pick as BA lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, because she knows that eventually he will be in the same boat has her.

    Just because she gained those things quicker doesn't mean she will be more successful.

    "The race is not for the fastest, it is for the swiftest."

    She genuinely likes him, if she is continuing to see him.

    Don't worry about any of this.

    Also, its very common that men in that age group aren't very well accomplished just yet. So it isn't a turn off or anything.

    What is a turn on is the fact that you are trying to do something with your life.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Totally depends on the girl. If he is ambitious and has goals and is working towards independence, probably. School is always a good thing and can really balance out the fact that he has no job and lives at home. He might have to work a bit harder but if he's a good guy, he'd at least get a chance.

    Usually the bigger issue is can the guy handle his own situation and not burden the girl with the fact that she's "farther in life" than he is. I've had that happen. Nice guy, same scenario as above but he could not get over the fact that I had two jobs, school, car and a place to live while he didn't.

    • Hmm, interesting...

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    • LOL, its not that bad. If that's intimidating, it's nothing compared to some of my friends, I work the least hours out of all of them.

    • Yeah, but still lol

  • Would a girl date this kind of guy?

    Depends on the gal. This gal wouldn't as with the exception of chromosomes and sex organs I'd like a guy to have what I have.

    Would the girl give the guy the time of day, even after learning all this after getting to know the guy after a few of dates?

    Depends on the gal though it seems most gals whether they have it or not prefer a guy with a car, job, and his own place.

    • Yeah, I was thinking that.

  • It all depends on if the guy is actually working hard to achieve a good career so he can get those things. If he's just sitting around, I wouldn't even consider dating him. But at least if he is going to school to better himself and one day have those things, I would give him a chance :)

    In fact, my boyfriend right is in your same exact shoes. He's attending classes to become a computer engineer and is living with his grandmother. He has a job at Skechers currently and doesn't make a lot but it's enough to pay his phone bill and for us to go out every once in a while. I love him and stay with him because I know he has ambition and he will stay that way :)


What Guys Said 2

  • women who vote B are full of S lol. The fact he has no car or job and lives with parents would kill it for most women.

    AS for the girl, I personally have no problem if she isn't so independent she didn't give me any time of day and ya... basically felt distant as most "independent" women seem to be (they seem to think independent means they can't get really close and lovey-dovey with others and ya..).

  • It depends upon what is other qualities are. Some girls are not going to be okay with that, some will. You don't know until you try and find out.


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