Did he just want a fling? is he a douche?

this guy who is , according to people around him, a really nice and religious , shy guy, showed interest in me (made it really obvious). we went on a couple of dates and nothing went wrong on both of them. But than he had to go to another country for a two months and when he came back, he started ignoring me. I contacted him twice , got nothing from both. he used to contact me everyday and wen I ignored he would text me over and over again ;;. did he just want a fling? all of the people around him are surprised when I tell them that he did this to me, cause their all like "he wouldn't do that. he's the nicest guy ever" etc. its really confusing :/


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  • omg yeah that doesn't sound like him at all. that's so strange. that's what you usually hear when people are on the discovery channel or something talking about people who just murdered someone close to them. anyways..point is if he is ignoring you it could be for a number of reasons. his phone may not be working right, he could be really busy, he doesn't want to talk to you but doesn't know how to go about telling you, maybe he hooked up with someone over there. I don't know could be anything. If you had sex or anything like that on your dates than yeah it was a fling. If you didn't hook up or anything then maybe something up or going on his life. You won't know til you see him again. But you should just probably move on and find someone else and forget about him.


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  • A fling means you guys had sex? Did you? If not, then two dates doesn't mean anything, specially after two months away. if you had sex then yes, something is odd.

  • I think both things would apply to him.


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  • Thats because they don't know every part to him.

    There are some very nice people that can possess some very ugly qualities.

    He obviously has no interest in you if he isn't responding to any of your messages.

    Delete his number, and forget about him.


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