It's only been a month after my 6 1/2 year break up but I'm starting to like someone

My boyfriend broke up with me about close to a month ago from a 6 1/2 year relationship. A mutual friend of ours is now his roomie (my ex just moved into his spare room he had) and since my break up and since he's mostly free out of the rest of our friends, I've been hanging out with him from 1-3 times a week..depending. My now ex and I are trying to remain friends without conflict but it's still fresh. So, he doesn't mind me hanging out with his roomie and as said he sees that I am starting to become attached. I really like this guy, like yesterday I wanted to kiss him. We get along great. I'm really happy whenever I'm around him, I smile all the time. We have hung out before, usually with our group of friends (while I was still dating with the ex) but hardly ever alone. We've talked about our families, friends, friend situations, childhood, watch movies, talk about past exs and dating history, play games together, jobs even discuss sexual things..i feel that we just connect. the only issue is months ago (even with ex) I was told that he wasn't really interested in looking into a relationship because he got burned real bad from his past one (that was 3 years ago). I don't know if that's changed, nor do I know if he even likes me. I think he sorta might be interested but not sure. I think some things he's told me but hasn't told anyone else in our group but then again I'm not sure. As my ex says, he's sorta a mysterious guy, not much is known about him.He likes to keep to himself but sometimes I do to so I understand. I just know we share a lot in common and have a good time..even at random if there's music playing while we're going to get food or something we'll both start grooving to the music at the same time. it's cute.I just know that sometimes when we talk I'll look away at something and he's still looking at me or when we have a quiet moment in conversation we'll look at each other and make cute little sounds. Thoughts?


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  • Actually that's great you moved on so quick. So many people get hung up especially if they were the ones broken up with. Continue to hang out with him escalate the sexual tension, flirt with him, see his reactions. Hopefully he'll be into you and step up his game.

  • I think that's already enough time and you shouldn't fret about it.


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