Met this girl online. What's the point in a girl doing this?

Met this girl online...she lives a couple hours away. We went out twice. Then told me she didn't think we should date anymore, do to distance, and other reasons. Later she texts me..saying how she would really like to hang out as friends sometime. Tells me how awesome I am..blah blah. Anyway, a month goes by...and she messages me again asking how I'm doing..and that she was serious about hanging out as friends sometime. I'm guessing she just wants a good guy friend. Just would like everyone's two cents. Personally if I had met someone I wasn't interested in...I wouldn't go out of my way to work on a friendship, especially with someone 200 miles away. We both met on a dating site, and we both agreed that we were there looking for a mate...not a friend.
Thanks for the reponses so far. Yeah, I might tell her I have enough friends, but if she wants to work on becoming my best friend, then I'm willing to make it happen.


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  • Personally, I wouldn't be that bothered about being 'friends' with someone I wasn't interested in! I think maybe she does like you but wants to get to know you better as 'friends' and maybe that's why she's keen to hang out! And also maybe due to the distance she's a bit wary of falling for you and then getting hurt!

    • Yeah its hard to hang out and get to know each other better when she put a stop to seeing each other on a regular basis... I have no problem with being friends first. She knows exactly how I feel about her ( I told her how I felt after she said she was moving) Now she's not moving...but wants to be good friends... She's will need to put more effort in if she wants a friendship.

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  • Wow, and you call us girls complicated?

    Basically, you're friend zoned lol. She realized how much of an awesome person you are and how fun your company is so she wants you as a friend.

    • She's would be the best friend anyone could ever have...very sweet, smart...caring etc. She is almost as awesome as for your response!

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    • Yeah I wish. If I just knew if it was me..or the distance thing that made her behave this way...but I guess it really doesn't matter now.

    • Just enjoy the friendship. I'm sure it was just the distance.

      Best of luck :)

  • lucky you she wants to be friends. just start from there and lets see what will happen. Girls can be fickle sometimes.

  • just trying to spare your feelings :L

    • I would rather she had ripped my feelings apart...than to insult my intelligence by making excuses as to why we shouldn't date. Wish she has ben straight with excuses.

    • edit...had been

    • I think most of us would prefer that instead of being "friends".

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  • Sounds like she wants you as a guy friend, not to date you. Up to you, do you like her? Would you want her as a female friend? I think all guys need some good female friends to bounce stuff/ideas off of, get the female input regarding seeing other women, etc. What do you have to lose? To see if she's serious, make her travel the first few times, see if it keeps up. I def wouldn't be doing all the driving to see her every time though. If ya'll can hang out, sleep over at each others places, who knows...maybe your friendship could turn into something else.

    • Most amazing girl I've ever met. No one else comes close! Yeah..she would be a great friend. She has mentioned several times that if I'm in town to give her a call (she knows I have no reason to travel there). Having her come to me makes sense. Thanks for your help!

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