Does this seem OCD? Or something else?

This has been happening to me for a long time now and I've never really done anything about it.


I suffer from indecision, and can never make any choices. The way it goes is:

1) I need to make a choice. I could a) choose on spur of moment and then think about it, thinking I may have made wrong choice. b) analyze all aspects of what it could affect and make a choice; but this tends to make me stagnant and can never make a choice in the end.


2) I will find something I like, then I think I like all things like that. i.e. I would to do some cultural travel; then I'll have an interest in archeology and stuff- despite never being interested in that and have always been bored about things like that like the TV show "time team".


It's like my personality adapts to changes and I change myself and how I act according to what I like at the time. It'll be like this for about half a day to a day or so and then I'll realise, wait I hate time team, or archeology. Forget why I wanted to travel and end up becoming stagnant again because the things don't match up.


But other than that, I know what I do like. I.e. I definitely like vanilla ice cream, rock music, video games... etc.


It's made me think, am I OCD about making things match up and making it perfect that I suffer from this indecision and making choices?


If so, how do I handle it. Please let me know what you think.

Am I just weird/ mad? Am I mildly OCD or worse?

Opinions and advice please.


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  • I don't think that you are weird/mad at all. I guess at times I'm indecisive too because I need to weigh out all the options of whatever decisions I may be making. I that it is wise to weigh out options about making the right decision, but can feel your frustration when it seems that there can be no "right" decision. After a while, I think about it too much and start to get a headache.

    I can't say if you're OCD or not, but I know with myself that I'm always finding an interest in something new, the becoming uninterested until I move on to the next thing. Maybe it's like a growing process or something, like finding out who you are in a way through changing likes and dislikes? I also know that when I am in a better mood, I feel more inspired to try a new activity vs when I am tired/not happy.

    One of the things that helps me with being indecisive, believe it or not, is exercising. If I'm outside walking around with my headphones or at the gym, my mind will focus on the workout itself and not my thought processes/decisions. It's like working out gets rid of the some of the anxiety that I have to make a choice. After I'm done exercising, I feel more confident in myself to make the decision that is right for me. Weird, right? Another thing I've been trying to do is to meditate, where I focus on trying to clear out all of my thoughts. Maybe more interested in something you already like would help? So, yeah, I don't know if this helps, but it's what I do. Good luck.


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