Should I wait for him - risk plans to hang out with me?

We casually made plans to hangout this week but they fell through. Not a big deal though, it was expected because he is working a lot and I am on vacation. So we were texting last night and pretty much he said he wouldn't be able to so I sent him a sad fax and he said he would still like to hangout.

So of course I said OK sounds fun Bla Bla Bla. But I'm not sure if I should wait for him to initiate now or be the one to bring it up myself. I won't be home from vacation until Saturday so I don't know when I will see him.

I have a big crush on him and I believe he likes me as well. we work together and he always treats me very well. Seems like he treats me different than other girls and gives me special attention. I think we like one another but he is too scared to ask me out due to lack of experience.

I was the one who first brought up hanging out to hopefully give him a little push and let him know I am interested. So should I wait for him to mention it? Also, what should we do? Should I let him decide?
Wow.. Risked is supposed to be mentioned. Silly phone


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  • Yeah, I say wait for him to mention it.


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  • If you want to hangout with him, then just make the first move.

    There is nothing that says the boy has to make the first move, sometimes they are so indecisive etc that you have to just drag them along.

    • I feel like I already have initiated by suggesting we hang out the first time though. I just think if he.really liked me (like I think he does) he'd want to suggest.something himself. Especially now that I've kind of taken that step to bring it up the first time.

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    • Probably. I'd just like some reassurance on his end to make me feel a.little better lol

    • Talk to him about it imo, that's the only way you can get that reassurance.

      Tell him how you feel :)

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