How do I know if I like him?

He's on my mind right now and I just been thinking about us being in a relationship and what it would be like in the future together, but I don't know if I am just wanting him because I'm a little lonely but I do get jealous to think if another woman had him, I would get very jealous. Do I like this guy or starting to? What are some signs you like someone?


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  • Do you have more than one male friend? If so, do you feel the same way about him? If not, then you have feelings for him. If you only think about him and not about another guy, then you have feelings for him.

    Signs are that you keep thinking about him (check), you think about datin ghim and a future with him (check), you get jealous when other women come along and flirt with him or he flirts with them (check). So yeah, those are some signs and you have them, so I think you're kinda into him ;)

    • Wow. The signs are all there. You absolutely right! I do like him...ggrrr lol

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    • yesss :-) I'm always running away from the good guys because I'm so used to the bad guys and I guess I'm kind of scared to date someone that actually likes me for me. its weird :(

    • Enjoy the fact that you fell for a good guy! Those are the type of guys who deserve it ;) too many girls go for the bad guys, including me, without even knowing why. So enjoy it and go for it! :D

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  • If you think on him often, you might like him.


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