Should I text the guy I'm dating if he hasn't texted me in over a week?

been dating a guy since may , we did used to be in a relationship for a year , split for 5 months and now we are just 'dating'. We had a great time last Tuesday together at the zoo which was a 3 hour drive each way . He paid for everything . We parted on affectionate terms but he hasn't texted me since then. Should I worry that he is losing interest . Is it a good idea not to text him ? Can a guy not text you for a while but still be into you ?


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  • Sure, a "hey what's up, missed ya!" type of text. Sounds like you're interested in him still but not desperate or clingy.

    If he doesn't reply to that, I'm gonna have to say he lost interest in you.


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  • Yup, I think that'd be just fine to do.


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  • It sounds to me that he is interested but... not THAT interested. If he was really into you, I'm guessing he wouldve texted you by now. But anyways, why don't you text him first? You too have the right to know what is up.

    • better yet call him.

    • well I texted him and it was previously spoken about meeting the bank holiday if he isn't racing so when I texted him I said if he can't meet because he is racing or he doesn't want to then just say, so I can make alternative arrangements as I haven't got my daughter that weekend. So I gave him a way out. But he texted back straight away saying he will see what he can do. if he isn't interested why not just take the escape I provided and just say he can't . This guy really confuses me .

    • Hmmm...I've heard a lot that men aren't confusing or at least they aren't AS confusing as we women are, so. I don't know maybe you aren't really paying attention to his signs. As of what you've told me, I'm guessing that he IS indeed interested in you cause if he wasn't he could of just refused to go. But as I said before, its possible he is just moderately (somewhat)interested. Things aren't always black & white. There's no such thing as "mixed messages".

      Hope this helped a little! =)

  • it sounds like he isn't that interested honestly a week is a long time


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