What is wrong with me?

I am a 19 year old male, 6'1, 140 Ibs (I know that I am skinny). I don't know why I can't seem to hold a long term adult relationship which is what I really want. I have a few friends who are girls, two of which I have gone out on at least one date with. Not to sound cocky, but I have been told by girls that I am at least cute, and that I have a great smile. Girls I will email you a pic if you want, so you can be the judge. I am a nice guy, but I am not a total yes man, where I grew up I learned to be kind of snappy with come backs because I look young for my age and guys liked to exploit that.


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  • What is wrong with me?

    Perhaps what's wrong it's the gals you attract or the gals you're attracted to. Not sure what else as I haven't seen any mention of something that play a factor in your inability to hold a long term relationship. Such as expanding on what happened to your friends and why it didn't blossom into a relationship such as lack of interest on her part or your part.


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  • You're definitely not cocky, you seem pretty nice. Have you considered maybe you just haven't met the right girl for a long term? Not the easiest thing... Do these girls know you are looking for long term? Sometimes that's a turn on, and could help you find the right one...


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  • Well, first you are young, most 19 year olds male or female aren't seeking LTRs.

    Second, far from sounding cocky, your writing style seems more modest almost timid. I as a reader must wonder if you might be lacking in confidence.

    My advice, just keep dating around, there are young women who seek long term relationships, you just might need to find them.


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