Do you regret not picking the other one?

I have dated a couple of men a the same time and one of them initiated a relationship. I liked both. They were not supposed to know that I was dating the both of them. One sent me a request to change status to a relationship on Facebook. I changed it knowing that the other guy was also my Facebook friend. It took me a week to do it because I didn't want to hurt the other guy. I still liked him. I guess he saw it and sent me a text saying that I made a mistake and he didn't understand how we communicated so well and now I am in a relationship. I decided to end the relationship next day because for some reason I didn't feel like we were ready. I only knew him for about a month and the guy I didn't choose for about a couple. I think the guy I knew for a month wanted to rush into a relationship. Perhaps I felt rushed but didn't want to hurt him either? I liked the both of them. The one I didn't choose deleted me off Facebook and I want to talk to him and tell him that I made a mistake but don't know how. Have you ever missed the one you didn't choose? How can I get him back? Any suggestions?


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  • Do I regret it? Not really. It didn't happen for a reason.


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