Guys: Have you ever made a list of things you want in a girl?

Me and my friend were wondering. She asked her 7 brothers, but all they said was (jokingly) that the girl had to be hot and be able to cook well.

What the list is, by the way, is just writing down everything you want/need in a SO. (Kinda like what they have to have for you to consider marrying them)

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  • Did that years ago and started going out with the greatest girl out there six months ago. The list of characteristics I look for is as follows:

    Intelligence- I can't seem to have a good relstionship without a lot of intellectual exchange.

    Ambition- I like a girl who has goals in life and strives to achieve them.

    Compassion- does this need an explanation?

    Ethical- I like a girl with upstanding ethics and morals

    Loyalty- self-explanatory

    Beauty- as superficial as it sounds, chemical attraction is important to the creation of intimacy...especially in the beginning of a relationship.


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  • nope.. lol .

    the things I want in her that she cares for me like I care for her, be there for me in every worst situation and will never leave me alone ^_^

    and I LIKE your profile pic ha ha :D

  • No because if I create a silhouette of what I want in a girl; that's the only thing I'll look for when I go out.

    Love happens unexpectedly; not when you have your list and that's what you're looking for.

  • Still figuring it out. But I never will figure it out. That's cause what I want in a SO is what makes them unique, what makes them them. I don't want someone who fits a certain formula. I want someone who will open my eyes up to new things in the world, new perspectives... someone who will bring out the best in me... someone who will give me a reason to be with them and not some other girl who "fits the formula"! So no, I don't even know what I want in a significant other. But I like that I don't know. And I will never know.

  • When I was young and stupid I did.

    I've know much better now.

  • I voted "B" but I came up with one for this Question----> link

  • A written down list? No. But I do think on it often so I know it off the top of my head.

  • Sweet







    Weird (in a good way)


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