What does it mean when a lady friend has become really unresponsive?

There's this girl that I really like, and we met about a week ago and I was instantly infatuated. For the first few days I, and her room mate have been having tons of fun, and we become some what close. At the tip of my infatuation, about a day and a half ago I hit the suddenly realization that I had no chance with this girl. (it wasn't apparent that I like her, I'm pretty good at intentionally hiding it). I left her room abruptly as a group of her guy friends walked in and started suggesting we all go to jalapenos.( a restaurant). After I left, we didn't speak until the next morning. Later that day, I came over to her room, she was really unresponsive. She wouldn't answer my questions, she would just kind of blow me off and not speak. The only time she'll talk is when she mentions her boyfriend (an obvious attempt at making me jealous, every time she mentions him, she whips her had around at me and grins waiting to see a reaction from me, to which she finds none. I just go along with it and act interested and strictly friendly). She just seems very uninterested and dejected from anything I say, but she keeps insisting that I'm acting weird. Today I asked her to go to walmart with me, and she began acting unresponsive and dejected from me again, so I turned away from her and stared out the window, and made it clear the rest of the time that I didn't really want to be near her. I walked fast to stay away, and dodged her in the isles, and we rode back in silence.

Any girls have any idea why she may be acting this way?


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  • You left w/o a goodbye. Don't mean to sound mean, but that's rude :/


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  • Wait, she has a boyfriend? :/


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  • I can relate to you lol.

    I don't know but this behavior that girls do ends up biting them back. Because the typical guy response is move on.

    A good reason why she is ignoring you, is maybe because of the fact that she has a boyfriend?


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