How long do most girls/women take to get ready for a first date?

I know women take long in general but for a first date how long do most women take to get ready. Assuming you really like the guy a lot. And what do you do your makeup, nails, clothes, fragrance,etc?


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  • i dont. I leave the apartment in the morning wearing something I'm comfortable in. feel good in. so that's that. I have no reason ti change. & I don't brush my hair after it dries, because its curly & will frizz. . so unless I'm taking a shower-which I wouldn't do until I go to slept night, or when I wake up, or after swim which is at 3 pm. not evening- I don't touch it.

    so nothing. I just make sure everything I might need is in my back pack. emegency stuff. water food, books. maps. fashlight . music. games. sun glasses. if so I'm all set & need not go home at all.

    • I wonder what percentage if girls bring rations on a date.

    • lolol. hmm.. perhaps a lot of girls who just survived an earth quake. or being stranded on an island. or a house fire. or a kidnaping. or a flood. or a plain crash. or getting stuck in the woods.. Probably quite a few, in certain sectors of society ;)

      hey you know my dad was at a conference, & couldn't get his briefcase out of the trunk. the lock was jammed. but I had my mallet in my back pack. I had the trunk open in 5 seconds ;) & when people randomly need tape or glue or scissors, jacks...

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  • I've never been on a date but even with hanging out with a guy I was interested in, I would take about an hour getting ready.. Doing my hair, picking out a cute outfit, doing my nails. yeah ha ha :) so imagine what I'll be like when I go on a date lol My poor boyfriend lol

  • an hour and a half or two


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