Haven't hung out for weeks. How do I not lose her?

I've known this one girl for like 2 years and we finally got together. Ended up hanging out at my house after we confessed that we'd always liked each other and we hooked up. Next day comes and I drive her to work in the am and I go do my thing. That was 2 weeks ago and we haven't hung out or anything since. We text back and forth a lot and call each other "hun" and she even called me "babe" but whenever I ask if she wants to go do something, like dinner, movies, bowling, etc...she says she's always tired or just says she can't that night or doesn't have enough money. She invited me to breakfast one morning but I unfortunately had to work. We visit each other at work sometimes but it's hard to talk or anything when we're working.

The other day I invited her to breakfast but she said "I really wanna spend time with you, I'm just not really in a good mood." and went on to say how she's struggling and frustrated with life right now. I offered to treat her to a meal but she really doesn't seem to like the idea of me paying for her for anything and sometimes says she can't do things because she's broke. I don't really care about that, I just want to see her. I feel like the longer it goes without us seeing each other, the sooner things between us will fade and she won't be interested anymore. I'm trying not to become to crazy with always asking her to do stuff because it does seem like she's in a tough spot but I've taken things too slow recently with girls and I've lost them due to me not making a move and I really like this one and don't want to lose her the same way. Any advice or insight?


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  • Sounds to me like you're Friend is going through some sort of problem/ Rough time. I think the best thing you could do at the moment is just be her friend and give her that moral support that she seems to be needing. Sometimes problems either family, Self, or School or whatever take great tolls on us. Just talk to her, let her know that you are there for her if she needs anything. Here and there check up on her, text her something cute yet aspiring. Just let her know how much you mean to her. Your Friendship and the effort you put into letting her know that you are there for her means a lot to any girl. Don't give up, Keep Trying. :)


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