Did she get bored now she knows the truth?

Me and a friend were getting on great weeks ago, flirting back and forth and we became really close together, we got so close in fact she thought I liked her a little more than I let on (which I do) she got a friend of hers to sort of spy on me to see if she thought I liked her because my friend couldn't really tell herself and her friend told her yes I think he likes you, since that time we haven't been as close after sort of confessing I did like her.

So what happened? because she actually found out I liked her did she get bored because it was no longer fun for her to keep guessing? and if the feelings weren't mutual why did she allow me to get so close to her knowing I could like her more than just as a friend?


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  • I think the feelings weren't mutual in the first place. Girls don't really like the chase or guessing games and stuff like that. Also, it's more plausible for a girl to have a guy friend who is just a friend than a guy to have a girl who is just a friend. Guys find it to be harder to just be friends with a girl than girls do with guys. Guys will always think about the possibility of feelings on either side, but girls will usually think about it only if she has developed feelings herself or it's obvious that he has.


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  • you should make a move on her that's probably what she's waiting for

    • she is with someone now :(

  • just ask her out. stop playing games theyre dumb. games = time lost.

    • how am I playing games? I agree with you games are a waste of everyones time

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