On your first date, where are some good places to go and what to do?

u ask a girl/boy on a date where would you guys go and what would you ?


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  • I'd love to lay out under the stars with him and I'd love to go to the fair! That would be awesome :) walks on the beach at night would be great and also swimming in the ocean haha.

    • that sounds great so your saying if I took you to my old high school go way out in the field lay on the huge track and field mats (pole vaulting mats). just you and I watching the lightning roll in from the storm and it starts to sprinkle we hide underneath the covers a little we from the rain and make love outside in a thunderstorm . would you like me to do that for you?

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    • Aww you are so sweet :)

    • well thank you :) p.s. you never answered the question lol

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  • Anywhere but a restaurant or a movie. I'd like to go somewhere where I can interact with him and get to know him, that's what a first date is for! Ideas for one include a picnic in the park, just walking in the park and maybe getting coffee afterward, going to public events around the community together... That kind of stuff =)

  • it would be so fun to go to the park, sit on a bench and talk, maybe go grab a smoothie ..fun

    • so go to the park have a blast get some awesome smoothies of course I would pay, talk about life history tease you a lot and most important hold your hand as we walk threw the park :) sounds good

    • Aww holding hands would be cute too but only if you were comfortable with the person

  • It would be awesome to go somwhere in the mountains and go rockclimbong and wach the sunset from somewhere super high up then hike down to a beach and camp on the beach under the stars maybe a night swim( if your into outdoorsy things:)

    • well you would be in luck right now because I do live in hawaii for the next two years we could go hiking and find a exclusive beach and it would just be you and I for the night :)

    • That sounds so fun I wish my ex's were like that

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