Is he really doesn't care about me anymore?

i just graduated from college , I liked a guy I think he like me back we used to look at each other , he tried many times to talk to me and last day in exams he added me on fb we started talking , he asked me about my personal life then my number he said I want to know you...

he asked me out two times I said I'm not used to go out with boys that was two weeks ago , but 5 days ago I called him to say happy birthday and he asked me out I said ok... but now I called him he didn't answer and didn't even call me back I sent him a message on fb he saw it but didn't answer me ...

so e sent him another one I told him if you don't want to talk to me again or if you have new things and girl in your life just say he saw it and didn't answer me.

can he forget about me in a week and get a new girl ?


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  • First, I'd stop contacting him. If he's losing interest then your repeated attempts to contact him will only push him away more. If there's a logical explanation then he'll contact you himself. I know it's frustrating to wait (infuriating at times, right?) but honestly you've tried repeatedly and you've made it clear that you're interested in him (with just cause because he showed interest in you too) so you've really done all you can do. It does sound like he's lost interest and it sounds like something happened, whether it's a new girl or something he heard about you or whatever, that made him feel different.

    Did you guys ever actually hang out? And not to pry but did you guys have sex?


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  • If he's not answering, then he's losing interest.


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  • Mm he could like a new girl in that time, but I wouldn't jump to conclusions, he might be nervous now that you said yes.

    Guys can sometimes be like that.

    Give it a little time and then if he still hasn't said anything than yes, he probably stopped caring :/

    And if he did then you were lucky, as he was probably only interested in one thing.


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