Still trying and giving it my best?

I really like him but he never seems to be into the conversations we have. He always sends short msgs. Yet, he still says he wants to be friends.


Almost 9 months ago, I confessed to a crush at school. Days later I find him at Facebook and we exchange numbers. During those months, I have been nice, sweet, and even tried to be funny. Yet, he isn't interested in me as more than a friend. Gave him gifts to drawings, he always smiles and accepts it.

Sometimes I become so depress cause I never seem to impress him or make him look at me as a girlfriend. In those times, I cry and even sometimes I just tell him how I feel(but not everything in detail). Yet, he says he is sorry but he wants to still be my friend.

Up to this date, I don't know what to do.

I feel useless. But I still want to keep on trying.

I'm dumb, I know but, it's just so hard to let him go after all I done for him.



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  • It sucks when we like someone a lot, and do almost everything we can just to make them happy or to make someone like us. But if someone doesn't like you there really isn't much you can do. I have some suggestions for you though!

    1. Turn the tables on him. Stop texting him/ giving him gifts, and only talk to him if he starts talking to you. Once he gets a taste of his own medicine, maybe he'll realize that he really would have liked to be more than friends. (warning though: he might just become even more interested once he starts to realize he isn't being chased anymore! ).

    2. Ask him straight up if he is ever going to want to be more than friends. If he says no, just tell him you'll be more than happy to be just friends (even if it isn't true just yet) and try to move on from the crush you had on him. We all feel like if we don't get the one person we want, then there will be nobody else, but this isn't true. In a few weeks, months, whenever some other guy is gonna come along, and then you'll wonder why you were ever worrying about being more than friends with this other boy. :)

    3. Or you could continue trying to get this boys attention. Obviously though quite a few months have passed and if he were going to make a move he would have made one a long time ago.

    Just remember your not alone. All girls have had at least one crush on a dreamy guy who just doesn't feel the same way back. Good luck whatever you decide doing :)


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  • If he doesn't seem to be into your conversation, then he's not that interested. Find a guy who is!


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