Really want to date my friend.

this year I had a classmate in college.he said he really care about me,and I'm like the only one he cares from our class.he gives me attention.he always gives me his seat.but he never calls me out,just the two of us.we always hang out in our group of friends,in school.some friends told me that he acts like he likes me,but the fact that he doesn't ask me out is pretty weird because he is outgoing.he invited me with his friends at the seaside,but I couldn't go because I was going abroad.I've been away a month but he didn't give any message,just a like on Facebook.i really like this guy,what should I do?


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  • Tell him you like him... I don't know why on this earth only the guy has to ask the girl out.. is it because of they show this in movies?... make a different story ask him out or at least let him know that a beautiful girl he cares about likes him. you should just tell him whatever you feel... that's the best thing to do.. all the best!

  • Try contacting him again, see how he is!


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