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This will be the last time I post it. Just looking for a little more answers.

I'm sorry this is so long.

My husband and I are both 25 and have been married for 3 years, dated for 1.

He is so perfect. Works hard(plus he is a firefighter, talk about sexiest job on earth). He is a 10/10 in the looks department. Great shape, doesn't have any nasty habits like smoking, dipping exe exe... He helps around the house just to help not because I ask. Shows that he loves me greatly without being clingy. I could go out with the girls till 4am and he wouldn't care at all because he trust me without doubt. And to put icing on the cake he is how do I say OMG in bed. We average sex at least 9-10 times a week. So I have been living on cloud 9 for the last 4 years. So the other day when he was at work I hoped on his laptop to get my FB fix when I found that he was on here,answer-bag, Girls ask Guys, Asking how he gets over his wife's past sex life. WTF? I never knew he felt that way. He never said anything to me. So yesterday when we were laying in bed I told him what I found. He instantly got distant and said its my problem not yours, now leave it alone. So we then got into a fight about him not trusting me with his feeling(which I won haha) and got him to open up. He was never vary open about his past. I thought because he had slept with half of Chicago and didn't want to upset me, but no he's only slept with 3 other woman before me where I had around 20 or so(I was a slut in collage) He said he has always felt this way and it caused the break up between him and his ex(shes a slut still anyways). And he didn't want to do that with me, So it was his job to suck it up and deal with it. Now I feel horrible and want to make his pain go away. And he said this is exactly what he didn't want. What can I do to help.


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  • Leave it alone.. Trust me. I've been in a similar situation. Just make sure he knows he's the only guy for you. If he ever seems .. I don't know. Jealous that you've been with these other people, just make sure he remembers who got the girl.


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  • Ummm tell him everything you told us here. Then see if he hurts. You basically just described a perfect man.

  • Apologize, and let it go. This is his issue to deal with. Inserting yourself into the mix can't make things better.

  • First off why are you snooping through your husbands laptop? And second (no one here (especially us single guys) cares about how hot your husband is or what job he has etc.

    I know this sound mean but I'm so sick of hearing how perfect someone's Boyfriend or husband is especially when women ignore guys like me. And please don't say it's my attitude I'm really shy.

    • Well I'm sorry, but he is. And I didn't ask if you were sick of it or not. I asked how to help him. If you have a question involving this of your own then I will gladly help. But no need to be a jerk.

    • Maybe to you he is, but no one cares.

    • How I'm I a jerk? you even said this is the last time you'll ask this? Maybe you shouldn't post the same question over and over again. Tell him to suck it up already.

  • tell him that it's OK that he only been with 3 other girls and you're glad to be apart of the select few he's been with.

    people look at sex differently than others, some think it's just another thing you do with people while others cherish it and only have sex with a few people they feel close to. so the two types of people are bound to "run into one another". as long as both of them are faithful I don't see a problem with it.

    generally I don't ask girls even ones I'm going out with what their past sex life is and I expect them not to ask me about mine.


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  • :O 20 PEOPLE!?

    Okay seriously, I don't understand how so many females can expect to whore themselves around and act like guys are not going to care. What is so hard about understanding that your vagina is extremely used and it doesn't take much to get in there and now that's what you have to give him; a piece of p**** that has been passed around by many. It's not a flattering thought. I don't get why girls can't get that through their heads!

    You should have had some sexual morals for f***s sake. Twenty people is just plain disgusting!


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