Want to see this guy but I'm in a sticky situation. advice?

Long story short... I was with this guy for many years. broke my heart so I moved back to my home town. Since moving back I ran into some of my friends from college and have been hanging out with them heaps. they are all boys by the way (my course was very male dominated). we've always been good friends and its never been a problem because I was in a relationship until now.

Ive been spending heaps of time with one of my better college friends and just having fun hanging out but I think he hopes it will become more and I'm not really interested in that way but he has it in his head that I might. trouble is that he introduced me to one of his friends and we really hit it off. I really like him and he likes me but then he holds back when we are around my friend. Has anyone managed to get out of this situation? Or should I forget about the guy I like for the sake of my friendship?


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  • I suggest you do nothing and keep both as friends. There a high rate of risk that both of them end up thinking less of you if this blows up and it turns out you're not compatible. Get to know the other guy as a friend first and then find out if you want to date him. Tell both guys that you aren't interested in dating anyone at the moment (don't have to be specific) and just hang out with them. Take this slowly, as there's a much greater chance of this not blowing up if both guys see you as off-limits for a while. Chill. :)


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  • Perhaps you should just think about what it is that YOU want.


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  • Try introducing one of your friends with the other guy and see if they hit it off. Put some thought into who the friend is though don't just set him up with anyone and don't make it seem as though they're being set up just set up a casual bbq or something at someones house so it's not like a double date.


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