Should I respond to his text?

Me: "Happy Birthday (I think you said your birthday was this day or around"

Him: "yes good memory I don't remember saying it"

He asked me out a month ago and we texted a bit but we haven't talked in two weeks (I'm on vacation)


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  • if you haven't really talked that much anyways, then it'd be fine either way. you could use it to start a convo or just leave it.

    • yeah but is it possible he still likes me?

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    • thank you :)

    • You're welcome :)

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  • When was your Happy B-Day text? I'm confused. Was it recently, or weeks ago? If recently, just try to keep up the friendly texting, ask him open ended question (ones he can't answer with just yes/no) to keep it going.

    • it was 3 days ago. he got a bit tipsy when out celebrating and kept telling me how much he liked me so I'm not questioning that anymore! thanks anyway :)

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  • I would text back with enjoy and have fun. Something like that, just go with your gut. If it says don't respond than don't respond.