Is he serious? How would you feel?

He honestly doesn't understand what he did. Am I overreacting?

He lives in a whole other country, gets sad about the distance, ect. No problem. Eveyr ldr couple does... My insecurity though is him finding another girl. he knows that. I even got jealous of his sister inlaw who he gets along so well with and loves. I asked hima few days ago nto to tease me about any other girl at this point because I wouldn't handle it well.

Unfortunately he didn't listen. Right now he is at his brothers house. HIs sister inlaws mom and single sister are over the house. He has teased me about her before saying how perfect she is, self sacrificing, sweet and kind. Well he just sent me a message saying that the girsl mom and his sister in law are teasing him about her and asking why he hasn't asked to date her yet and for her hand. He got embaressed and just awkwardly laughed and so did the girl. Then his mom had to step in and say that he has a girlfriend. I asked him what he said.. and he said that he said nothing. That he was embaressed. I'm broken... I mean she is perfect, she is there, people are trying to hook them up and he is embaressed to tell them that he proudly has a girlfriend that he loves but instead stays silent... embaressed?! </3 </3 </3 .. I mean his MOM had to say something?!?! :'( I got so scared all of a sudden that he juuust might like her, that everything is perfect for him if he was to say yes. That I could actually lose my guy.. then I got hurt that he didn't say something... then he said that he is teasing me and I'm like, "WTH?!?! WHy are you playing with me like that?! and what is teasing about it? I know they are there adn I KNOW they said that. There is no teasing involved." .. then he said he doesn't understand where he hurt me or why I am being this way... How can he not? :'( .. Gosh, I talk to another guy and he gets jealous and wishes he was here.. but I never in a thousand years would mess with his feelings like that. I just want to cry and cry and cry :'(


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  • Wow. That's odd. I would want my man to say he has a girl. But.. its not his fault what other people do. Have you met this sister in law? All you can do is swallow your pride, trust him and have faith in your relashionship. If he really loves you he won't cheat. If he doesn't. Love you like he says then you don't want him anyway. I just went through this. My ex ended up going for the other girl Cuzco she lived closer and essential so much work. Duh. All relashionships are work once the bonymoon phase is over. But now I see his true colors and am thinkful its o er.


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  • To a certain extent, I think you're over reacting.


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  • If he feels really strongly for you he really should be a man and say he has a girlfriend & confess his love for you. If he does nothing you might need to twist his bolts to screw them in tighter.

    I would feel completely horrible, especially since I went threw something exactly like this - he was an American man while I am nearly on the complete other side of the earth.

    After a while with the constant teasing, asking for nakkie pictures, trying to get me to cyber, and 99% of the time not giving me really the time of day, I told him it was over - he suddenly tried to make amends & was a great person for 30 minutes - then it all faded to his usual and we never spoke again - well...I did not but he spammed my email until I just shut it down.

    I think he just wanted to have a trophy to boast about.

    He only ever said 'k' to anything I ever typed to him, he was a horrible signer [sign language]

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