Been dating this guy for a month and now he wants a break?

I met this guy from an internet dating site and we hit it off. Starting hanging out almost everyday and we are physically attracted to each other. Various outings and dates so not at all a boring start. He then became distant, claims to be busy with working on the remodel for his house, which is understandable as I am doing the same. Then he asked about how we were doing and suggested we take a few weeks apart and see where "we" are. I like him a lot and was really hoping this was working. I'm concerned about what to say to him and if I should text him at all during the break as we became so close in that month. Should I be worried? How do I get him back to hanging out more often?


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  • What's the point of taking a few weeks apart to see where "you" (we) are when it's focused on separation and not how you are together? Twisted logic to me. If a guy did this to me I'd think he's just trying to escape. If he thought it was going to work, he should have phrased it better.

    Based on what he said and because I wouldn't have invested too much time I'd leave him because his communication sucks.

    If I were you I wouldn't be worried, I'd be like "okay..." and disappear on him as his suggestion "suggests". :P

    Why does he have to classify it as a break? Why can't you just set up a date later on when both of you aren't busy... that shows commitment.

    • True... He hasn't been the greatest at communication and he did admit that he tends to screw things up. He said specifically "how about we just take a step back and relax for a few weeks". He seems to be a very good and genuine guy which is why I'm having such a difficult time with this. Normally I'd dismiss it like nothing happened, but I fell pretty hard.

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    • Maybe but why would he need a break to see if we click? I agree if he isn't interested he should just say so! Although I am hoping for the positive outlook in that he needs time to finish his remodel...

    • Maybe you just have to be upfront and ask him if he wants to step back (use his words) because he doesn't want to continue that kind of relationship with you or he needs to rest after remodeling.

      It seems pretty clear to me that he's not interested but that's a way to make him really say what he means, something he needs to learn to do and to be specific about.

      Thanks for BA. :)

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  • Sorry, Id be worried about the relationship. Wanting to "take a break" is almost a codename for a breakup but only after a month together isn't a good sign at all.

    Won't hurt to stay in touch, it could end up being nothing and he just wants to get his house finished first.

    • Anything I can do to get him to think about me? I don't usually open myself up so soon but I fell pretty hard for him...

  • That's just the code word for break up.


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  • Just leave him be. If he really wants to be with you he'll come back. But if it turns out it is because he wanted to see someone else I wouldn't give him the time of day.

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