Guys: Is it OK to call?

I'm in an awkward phase in my relationship, my boyfriend and I took a few weeks for a break. We've been friendly (talking occasionally, but not as frequently as a couple does, like every other day or so). I know he's been super busy(this is a crazy busy time of year for his company) and so I haven't been initiating texts (I didn't want to be a bother). But he texted me so it hasn't really been a problem then...he didn't text me for like four days.

Soon Tuesday I called, and he explained he hasn't been texting because he lost his phone, and insurance hasn't replaced it yet. His exact words were "I really want to talk to you, how have you been?" We talked for a while and had a great convo,but he sounded exhausted and I had to go out so I told him just to call or he could stop by on Friday to talk about reconciliation,since he has the whole day off work. He sounded really excited " that's great, I'll make sure I'm not doing anything"

So everythings going well, I think But there's a teensy problem. I forgot I have plans for Friday, that I guess I could change but don't really want to (we were actually supposed to meet earlier in the week, but his schedule didn't really fit it in so I said we can just reschedule) . So can I call today instead, I don't want to rush him or sound inconsiderate. Also since I had to call, to check that he was OK, wouldn't it seem like I'm being overly eager?


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  • It's perfectly OK to call.


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  • Idk, if you can change your plans you obviously should. Depends how badly you want to get back together, if you told him Friday, you know he's all excited and even say you CAN change your plans.. why not?


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