What should I think after starting to talk to this guy again?

This guy & I were talking very casually. We only saw each other twice over a months span. I was/am hesitant about him because of his profession & if he is capable of dating due to the amount of pressure he has on him-he's an athlete. About a month ago a friend of mine was drunk & texted him, trying to be protective but it was still way out of line on her part. She told him that if he was uninterested in me to not lead me on. I apologized & said all I could to him that night but after that just left him alone.But, on Monday I had to ask him a question about donating something he gave me for an auction. I didn't know how to reach him because I deleted him number thinking he would never talk to me so why keep it/it kept me from trying to make things better and leave him be. So, I had to ask via twitter. I did so very professionally, but it was public because he was not following me. He followed me and sent a Direct Message to me (which is private) saying it was fine and he hoped all was well with me. I sent a quick thank you and hope he was well also. The next day I sent him a message saying sorry I was busy, joked with him about always correcting his friends tweets and asked how things were. He asked why I didn't just text him and if I lost him number. I said yes so if he wanted to text he would have to text me. I heard nothing and if he wanted to text I knew he would have, unless he didn't have my number. I asked him if he had mine. He said no, I said want it back? He said yes. He texted me that night (Tuesday) and just said how my friend texting him wasn't cool. I said that I know and it was out of line but I had apologized and didn't know what else to say but if he had questions I would be happy to answer them. He said it was fine. It felt like there was a lot of tension and so I tried to ease it by saying so, lets start over. I was being silly and said hi I'm so and so and just goofy stuff he knows. He didn't respond but it was late. An hour later I sent a text just saying "bottom line, I don't know what else to say nor do I have anything else to say. I want to move on and I hope we can still be friends. Goodnight (&his name)". Today (Thursday) I sent him a text kinda teasing about a picture I saw from a sports thing he had to be at. He responded and it was fine. I then asked him if he wanted to go to this party Friday night that my friend is hosting for a bunch of friends for work. I also said the girl who texted him wasn't going to be there, that we don't talk/hangout &doesn't live near. He laughed & said I don't care if you talk to her or not. Its all good just relax & how he has dinner plans but isn't sure about after. I said "okay. it starts at 9. I thought I would ask. Let me know if you want to go. Open invitation". My questions are...is he talking to me again because he really wants to? Has what happened with my friend passed and he's over it? & what does his response to me about the party mean? Does he maybe want to come but hesitant?


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  • You should just be slow about reconnecting.


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  • i wouldn't waste my time. If he were interested he would find you on his own. Trust me when I say a man knows how to find a wants to, just like you found him on twitter. The more you push, the more he'll pull away. Let it rest and if he wants to chat, he will. I know it sucks but you may be better off.

    • Yeah. I keep hearing that. But, he's the kind of guy who I have learned isn't great with the communication front. He's very quiet and introverted. He was the one who asked why I wasn't texting him. I only found him on twitter because I needed approval on something. I just thought if we were over what happened why not invite him...I let the invite open. He did say he wasn't sure about after, so I'm not sure what that means. I'll let him come if he wants and leave it now.

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