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So I have a few men I am involved with, I like to look good for them when we go out or I go to one of their houses and all that. However, while 3 of my men always tell me I look amazing and blah blah blah one of them only says it when I send him pictures (decent ones). When I go to his house we go straight to sex which I am fine with, but is it even worth straightening my hair before I go and all that? It seems like he doesn't notice. What can I do to either make him notice or whatever?


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  • He's just for sex so why bother doing your hair for him? Unless you just Luke having your hair done always for you, but it makes no sense to do your hair specifically for him when it'll just get messed up soon.he doesn't care about your hair, he cares about that p**** lol.save the hairstyles for guys you actually go out on dates with


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  • this sounds like a situation very similar to mine...

    i guess he is doing that because you don't notice him enough... do you ever give him importance or do nice things for him? or is he just sex..

    i guess he would "notice" you more if you made him feel more special.. sending him pics must be the only time he feels noticed..

    • also.. does he know you are involved with other men?

    • Whenever I see him I always tell him how handsome he's looking, he is just sex though. He does not know I am involved with other men. My other men do but he does not because I don't consider him mine. We are just FWB's so its not really his business since I don't ask about his life when I'm not around

    • oh.. then I don't think you should bother in looking nice and all...

      but if you want him to notice you more.. I think you would need more emotions in your relationship.. because that's at least how I would would work... hope it helped..

  • If he doesn't notice, then don't bother.


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  • If your hair gets frizzy afterwords then I wouldn't say its worth it esp if he doesn't notice,maybe he thinks that's your natural hair texture.he'd probably notice if you curl/wave. It

  • I think he could care less. He just wants to f***.

    • I mean I am only their to get it on with him, he is not one of my men I am dating. I guess it doesn't really matter then doesit?

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    • Lol start doing it every time. He noticed the change. But imo he's not worth the effort

    • Shit if I can get away with it why not. Less Effort on my part

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