Guys, if a girl you were talking to hurt your feelings, would you tell her?

or would you ignore her?

I honestly didn't think I would hurt his feelings that bad, I was just kidding, but he obviously didn't take it that way. Yeah, he just cut me off out of no where, I guess he must have not liked me that much to begin with?
He did the same thing to me, but I knew he was kidding and I didn't take it seriously. But the moment I joke about something he starts ignoring me. Guys actually are really sensitive idc what anyone says.


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  • the problem here is this: things maybe going great and then she drops this bomb that annoyed me .. I would love to tell her that it annoyed me just to be honest with each other but if you were having a good night and such thing happened and the guy said that he wasn't happy with it the whole night is in the trash and the apologizing part starts then things will get awkward you end the night go home and bla bla .. I was talking about that when it happens on a date .. either ways even if you were texting it might get a little awkward and the guilty person will start thinking that he screwed up and bla bla .. so the moral lesson here is try to be careful around people to avoid such bummers

    • Things are only awkward if you make them.

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    • No, I meant what I said... I'm just wondering why he's mad at me for joking around, it wasn't that big of a deal to me.

    • you mean "I meant what you said" :P .. its normal some people are insecure about some spots and when you hit it they get pissed .. other are just sensitive .. the lesson here is that if you cared about someone you need to appreciate those feelings

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  • I'm wimpy and emotional so if I'm hurt I do say something. But that's definitely not the case for many. To me my emotions are practically an open book, but lots of people simply will not share their emotions for various reasons, like protecting them.

  • I'd let her know most likely.

  • This is the type of crap I define as a game. You know you hurt his feelings yet you still want to act coy and make him feel even worse? Sorry but that's just plain selfish and you deserve to be ignored.

    • It was a joke, I didn't think he would take it that seriously, and I didn't intend on hurting his feelings diliberately. Come on you're trying to make me out to be a bitch or something, I'm not. He said some things that could have hurt my feelings too, and I didn't get mad about it. That's all I'm saying.

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    • The joke obviously was enough to get him upset you dimwit. Doesn't take a genius to see that. The comment about the mother joke was to show how tasteless/pointless that joke was.

      Again, do you think people want to hear such crap from their friends?

      If you really think he didn't like you anyway, then what more is there?

      And that last comment is exactly what I mean by grow up. You're stuck in your own little world where your actions don't matter when in reality, that's all that matters.

    • Now I'm a dimwit? Smh, and you tell me to grow up? Never did I insult you once lol. Anyways I guess I need to elaborate further, I never made a joke about his mother, it was in reference- get it now? I mean I feel like you're having a hard time with this. And like I said before I made assumptions and I don't really know for sure. I feel like we're going in circles here. I mean I keep having to repeat myself. Let me know when you actually get it.

  • depends on how well I know her but generally I would prob ignore her.

    • Why not just tell her, she hurt your feelings? Smh

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    • Hmm that's understandable. I wish he got the joke though ugh! It was funny!

    • update: I don't think anyone said guys were not sensitive. it's just most guys tend to hide it better or have other ways to express their self than girls.

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