What do you tell someone who's interested in the wrong person?

If you KNOW they're in for a disappointment, do you tell them straight out that they should stay away from someone they've clearly fallen for?

Or is it better to let them find out the hard way?


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  • I do tell... but, somewhere in the back of my mind, I KNOW it could work. So, while I do warn or give the possibilities that it won't work--I am also obliged to concede that it could. Who knows? I always think, what if this is that time it does work? And what if these two people really are perfect for each other? And more importantly, what if my "great advice" about why it wouldn't or shouldn't work, is totally wrong and it does. stranger things have happened. I've seen some really mismatched couples having a blast in life, so, I'm not going to give them grief.

    What if it works? No one can be 100% that something won't work. Besides, unless there is a real chance for physical pain and destruction, or something truly catastrophic, they might just end up putting all of the naysayers to shame.


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  • Yes and tell them why but let them carry on with it if they wish and keep quiet unless they ask you for help.

    If it's to do with walking into a physically or largely emotional abusive relationship / drugs, do whatever you can to discourage them.

    If the hard way is what they want sometimes you just have to let them have it.

  • If she /he is close friend friend I tell them and explain why. But like visual said, after that inlet the chips fall where they may.


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