When guys text girls, how do you know if he likes you over text?

how do you know if he likes you over text. What will he say? and stuff like that


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  • well most guys will defiantly give you huge hints like I like your eyes or I want to hang out with you and you guys always hang out multiple times I always make sure I tell a girl I like her because I am not afraid to just say it. if you never say it to that person will you always be like if I would of said it they might of got it so what I feel most of the time I say it and well if she understands me or not is a whole another question and answer lol

    • I'm scared to ask him if he does.

    • if you don't ask you will never know and if you do ask and it goes wrong then they where really just leading you on for nothing you will be OK :)

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  • He will want to date you and arrange for meetings with you alone. Do not refuse if you like him and accept. If you play hard to get, should be more sexy.

  • he might use lots of smilies and lols


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