Can a guy be too persistent?

There is this guy I'm seeing, which I'm not too sure I'm interested in yet. Is always asking me out!

I feel its all going a little bit too fast. Or is just me?

We've been out only a couple of times and communicating everyday, since we met via I'm and sms. There isn't a time he wouldn't ask me out or join he and his friends for a holiday/travel. A little bit too quick for a holiday aight? And I'm always meeting his friends on a outing/date with him, and always taking the opportunity to ask me to stop by his work place or new apartment. He'd always take the chance to ask me out even when I'm already out with him.

I have a feeling that he really wants me to be a part of his circle of friends, but to me I feel its too fast if I'm meeting him more than once a week for a start.

Whats up with him?!?

Just want some of your feedback on

- is he moving too fast or its just me

- Do you think he would hang around longer (LTR)
I've tried to slow him down, by saying I have stuff to do or I'm busy, but he is still asking me out. There is no stopping to him (yet).


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  • Does he invite you to more group things...or more one on one dates? This guy doesn't seemed tuned in or alert to you...From your account I'd say he doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to a relationship with the opposite gender. Have you established if he wants a friendship or romantic relationship with you? Iv'e known people like this...they normally get hit by cars later in life...I mean you have to slap them upside the head to get their attention.

    • Its 1on1 most of the time, so far its like going to a friends restaurant or gallery, has a quick chat with his friend & we continue the date.He has "exclusive" friends and I have a feeling he wants to introduce me to his friends,which I think its a little too fast

      I don't think someone would want to be just friends if he initiates most of the conversation & dates.

      Yea, I have a feeling he would be the type of person you mentioned, that's why I'm undecided. Need to have "the talk" with him soon

    • Good luck talking to him...I doubt he will give you detailed answers you're looking for. I'm willing to bet he's vague...and starts asking you In his mind everthing is great...but when you sit him down to tell him you're not moving at his pace...he will likely be confused. But, maybe he's the type that just needs to be told once...learns quickly and things will be great...I don't know him. Good Luck.

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  • I don't see what is your problem? I'm by 99% sure if he would keep distance your question would sound like this:

    "Does he like me?!"

  • Yes, a guy can be too persistent. AKA desperate


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