I might actually have a chance with this one guy, help?

I've screwed it up before with guys, but this one boy has really caught my attention and I think I may have caught his too and I really don't want to mess anything up. How can I flirt without coming off as desperate? Without being even the slightest bit slutty?


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  • Just relax, don't seem so eager to do everything right off the bat, you'll be fine!


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  • Be friendly (nicer/kinder to him than you are to others), not sexually suggestive. If you want some form of touch, let them be innocent ones, taps, "cute" hugs, kiss him on the cheek if you want (cause it's still flirting, but don't do this if you think it oversteps the situation).

    Think quality not quantity. Don't hang around him with all your free time, don't obsess about him, have healthy thoughts. Make your times with him count, they don't have to be that frequent or lengthy. He'll notice you if you're genuinely nice. He'll notice you if you notice him. You can compliment him, try to pick compliments that show that you know who he is. Pick things he's proud of, that's better than always picking the things he's oblivious of.

    If your guy is not the baby voice type, please don't change your voice too much to be too cutesy. If it comes natural to you, just do it, but if it doesn't, please don't do it, it'll probably be annoying and unnatural.

    Don't forget to smile at him when you see him across halls or something. It's probably better to be sweeter than loud unless he likes loud/bold girls. So a sweet smile should do, if you want to acknowledge him more, give him a wave. If you want to be cute and bubbly wave and say something. :P

    • This is really helpful since I will be going to Disneyland with him and his sister (who's a year younger than me) in a couple days... Thanks!