Top signs you like a girl?

I've been searching through previously asked questions that discuss signs a guy likes you and I'm really curious to know which one is most commonly used by guys?

So guys, if you could please choose what you find yourself often doing when you like a girl. Girls can click randoms to view the results. :)

Thanks in advance!

  • Maintain long eye contact with her while talking and attempt to keep it going even after the conversation has ended or in a moment of silence in the conversation I continue to look at her.
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  • Tease her.
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  • Do anything to touch her, whether it's rubbing shoulders while walking next to her, poking her in a playful way, high-fives, etc.
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  • Fidget with a pen/pencil or flip open my cell randomly, anything to keep my hands busy when I'm next to her.
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  • Other. (please let me know, you don't have to explain it in a full paragraph or anything if not in the mood) :P
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Most Helpful Guy

  • To put it simply, when I was younger I usually acted differently toward my crushes. Basically, whatever my current, general demeanor or behavior was, I engaged my crush with a different one.

    For instance:

    If I was being an obnoxious smart-a$$ to the general public, I would have interacted with my crush in a gentler and humbler tone.

    If I was being Mr. Nice Guy to everyone else, I would have been the Insult Comic to my afore-mentioned crush.

    I'm sure you get the picture.


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What Guys Said 3

  • it just doesn't happen like this, it depends on what the girl is like.

    if she's more confident id be very natural, like I wouldn't TRY to make it obvious, I wouldn't need to. because she's so easy to talk to, it makes me more confident, and id act naturally, but still anyone'd be able to tell because you'd see the chemistry going sign is id always be talking toward her when we were in a group

    my crush at the moment is really shy and I'm a lot more shy around her as well, because I know I'm not about to just bring up a topic and have an amazing conversation with her, so its kind of nervy trying to find a way of flirting with her that won't make her scared away. ill go out of my way to be talking or in contact with her though.

    then there was me when I was younger and really loveshy. id basically avoid eye contact with her, and talk to whoever else was next to me a little louder than I usually would whenever she was around.

    and there was a little period in between when I was a little loveshy and I used to try to be confident by teasing her in a flirty way.

  • All of these things could or could not be signs. Different people act in different ways, and you can never know for sure what this particular guy does but, if he does two or more of these things there is a better chance of it meaning something.

  • I actually do not talk to her because my shyness kicks in.


What Girls Said 2

  • Well the guy I like, does all 4 of those. It gives me hope that he likes me back. lol

    They give nicknames too. :]

  • For me it's always A & B but mostly B

    • Do you mean, a guy will behave like A and B with you when he likes you or is that how you behave when with a guy you like?

    • Actually both, they do it to me && I do it back

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