Does she want me to prove to her how much I love her?

I tried getting back with my ex girlfriend today, I told her for the first time since we broke up two months ago that how I deeply love her and that she means the world to me. She got annoyed with me saying why didn't I say this along time ago..I said I feared rejection and she wouldn't reciprocate.

She doesn't believe that I'm madly in love with her because I said stuff to hurt her and started dating other girls.Only reason I started dating other girls because she told me to move on..but when I did she got annoyed why I did it. Saying I didn't love her if I was dating.

She said I should of been honest with my feelings from the beginning which could of helped things...but I mind f*** her with the stuff I do and said to her.

I told her I will do everything I can to get her back and fight for her show her the reason she fell in love with me in the first place. She said I shouldn't do anything stupid though..this means to me that she wants me to prove to her how much she means to me.(I'm I right?) She hasn't turned round and said leave her alone she wants nothing to do with me...yet lol!

When I went on a date she text me saying how's your date..I didn't reply to her as I was on a date. She told me if I was thinking about her why didn't I reply.

Things is I have been holding my feelings back and not fully expressing how I feel about thinking she would say the same...She does love me and wants to be with me...But I have done and said silly hurtful things to her she's like if you love someone you shouldn't do that stuff! Sounds like to me she's not convinced I love her.

I do love her, I think about her every second, minute of the day, I have dreams of marrying her, she's the only girl I have been with that I thought I would marry her. Love her deeply and don't want to lose her.

So what's the best way to show her she means the world to me.

I was thinking a surprise trip weekend away for both of us for starters..Like Europe or the countryside...Then just trying to woo her off her feet like I did at the beginning like I did when we first started dating.
Well she's ended it for good.

She said we're are not right for each other and we shouldn't get back together.

I told he I want to give it another go and sort things out she said well she cant.

I told her I messed up and do regret it massively. I ask her to tell me she doesn't love me anymore and she doesn't want to try and sort things out, I'll let her be and she will never hear again from me.She said she doesn't want to try sort things out enough is enough.


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  • I would suggest, but again this is only a suggestion, think about it first, in this circumstance then (according to your update) let there be no contact, none, zip, no pretend bump ins or anyway she can see you were scoping her out to see how she was doing or something. If she has any doubts you should hear from her yourself within 2 weeks or so. but I mean absolutly no contact and living your life.

    I suspect there were a lot of games going on, but if you genuinely asked her to try out one more time and she still said no, take the no for an answer, always respond with what she says, so when she does not really mean it, she won't say something like that again in the future.

    It sounds like you both played games with each other for a long time, and games was the only way she could keep you 'round... when a girl does that, and she finally "wins" it feels like crap too because she does not beleive you did it on your own accord.

    If nothing comes of this, you know how for the future, games and playing around does not work- and perhaps its not your fauilt (don't get into self-depreciation, that's less attractive) perhaps the truth is you were not ready and your subconcious gets the better of you trying to help you out. The pull back and jumping back and forth guys do is quite normal... a lot of girls don't know how to keep their own during this dynamic, and this is where and when they get into their own games and manipulation, becuase of their own insecurities.

    Keep in touch, and best of luck. If you are a guy in charge of yourself and your life, no girl can play these games, and they might feel secure enough not to even try. <3

    • Your right we played too many games. When we were seeing each other she keep saying she was confused she loved me and wanted to be with me but couldn't because of what's happened in the past. I think I pushed her into getting back with me which forced her decision. But your right will have no contact with her, let her contact me if she truly wants me. If not I'll let her be and move on. I know she will be thinking about it whether she made the right decision girls are like that...

    • Highly recommend a book. Dr sue johnson's 'hold me tight' btw... If you feel the urge and instinct to try again by all means do. I would give it a rest whilst she said 'no'. I don't know what the heck she wants wihtoyut talking to her myself.

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  • if you want to marry her, what are you doing dating other girls? *facepalm* I say, recourt her, be as masculine and no nonsense as possible.

    then, get the darn ring and propose. no more games.

  • She's playing hard to get. But I think it's romantic for you to want to try to do whatever it takes to win her back. I wish my ex would do the same but he's too shy/coward to make a move but I know he still likes me. I know you are holding back because you're afraid revealing all your feelings make you vulnerable right? I think you should hold back and try to win her back slowly not by telling her everything about your feelings because then she will know your weakness and toy with it. That's generally how people behave. Try to woo her back instead of desperations. Start slow, the weekend get away is too much. See how she feels first before making a big step. Good luck :)

    • Shes ended it for good saying we're not right for each other and we shouldn't get back together. I asked her to tell me if she doesn't love me..tell me and she'll never hear from me again. She wouldn't tell me. She then said her heads f***. She then text me but I text her saying its best we shouldn't contact each other to make things easier she agreed. So I guess its over for good now! I lover her to it still worth chasing? or just have no contact for her to realize what she's lost.

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    • No she hasn't tried to contact me since I told her not to. But now you've said she won't contact me because she's respecting my wishes possible afraid of me telling her to leave me alone or something is she does or saying she's stalking me lol! I did say to her tell me you don't love me and you'll never hear from me again. She wouldn't say it. But she won't contact me unless I initiate it that's what she's like. I really do want to message saying no hard feelings and I'm ok..should I wait.

    • I went out on a night out with friends got drunk and there's pics of me and other girls put them on Facebook. She then text me saying I was rubbing it in her face with the pics and now she hates me for doing that. I don't get her she didn't want to be with me and she is now seeing another guy.Why is she getting upset about it when she ended it. I'm trying to get on with my life now we're split but looks like she's getting jealous. She said the split is final and time is a great healer.

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  • I think you are on the right track, but take it easy, I think you are trying too hard and might becoming desperate. Just take it easy talk to her like you have done and act chill and be like I am sorry let me have another chance.

  • If she's the one who can never get her back. You just killed your chances more when you told her you would do all you could to get her back. It's over..shes gone forever. Sorry.

    • you're wrong bassman.

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    • Thanks for your support. I'm going to take the girls advice and have no contact with her I deleted her number. Will give it a few weeks and if she truly wants me back she'll get in touch if nothing heard I will let her be. Your right I didn't show her how much I loved now I wish I did. If I do get that second chance I won't make that mistake we all learn. She said her heads ficked when she made the decision to end to me that says she's not 100% in her decision but doing what's she thinks is best

    • you can try again in a few weeks if you want to, our gut instincts are usually the best, it's our actions that can be counter productive. you never know what action will lead to what. and if it's something you are open to, you can always try relationship counseling with her, believe it or not, its actually good to go before serious problems start too (not just the ones that you developed)! check out that book I told you about too.

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