When a girl suggest to hangout in a month from now?

We used to hang out a lot and a couple months ago I asked this girl out, a couple times. Eventually she said she really like me as a friend. That was OK, I didn't think too much of that. But we stopped seeing each other for a while.

Yesterday I invited her to be a background actor with me on this movie set that needed a lot of Asians. She really wanted and even considered using her vacation days to go but decided not to go because it required 13 hour commitment. But she suggested we should hang out next time.

I asked her when is she free. She replied... "How about early sept?"

Im a busy guy but don't have much schedules so I'm essentially flexible busy. But man! 3 weeks away, closer to a month. And I didn't even ask her to do anything yet. That's apparently her availability. Could girls really be that busy? What is she doing with all that time? We live in a small city, life doesn't move that fast. I might see that in a business career woman in NYC, but then again. I have never experienced that level of busy before. Help me understand?

She is an alpha female in her circle. Very cute and outgoing. Works in a 9-5 job. Dances on the side. I don't know if that helps.


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  • Its more likely that she's blowing you off. If she is impressed with you...and she's smart, then she wouldn't risk losing you to someone else with in the next month. Plus you said she's outgoing...which usually means these type of people go after what they want. Do not make excuses for her.

    • see that's what I thought too. If 2 people are attracted to each other, then they will do whatever it takes to make time. It might mean I'm not high in the priority list.

    • he is ryt.

    • Well said that man. Don't bother following up with that. She's obliquely telling you to f*** off, I think.

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  • Yes, they could be that busy, it's quite easy really. But lmfao, when I read that in the title I was like O_O.

    Everything you've said about her shows that she's busy. Very busy.

    • When dealing with girls like that should I always give plenty of advance notice? More info please. Like I said, 0 understanding of scheduled busy people.

    • Just make sure that when you go somewhere with her, if you want to go somewhere after that, tell her that you'd like to keep meeting up with her and you'd like her to tell you when her general availabilities are. Just make it sound a lot more casual.

      As long as she knows you're interested in hanging out she'll keep you in mind. If you give her advanced notice it might not work anyway because she's probably somewhat "booked out" so don't depend on it, just hope that she's responsive.

    • There's not much else to say except don't take her unavailbilities personally and the most important - respect her time. Do not be late and don't let things carry on too long. Make sure she's always fresh and happy so pick activities accordingly.

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