How often do you contact your girlfriend?

I know I contact him more often then he does me. and just wanna know how other guys handle this

how can I get him to contact me more. should I play hard to get more often?


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  • Depends. I hate texting and talking on the phone so I avoid it, especially if I know I'm going to see her in person sometimes soon. I almost never initiate contact with my GF's, unless its about us making plans to get together in person. I told contact my GF's just to talk.

    • thanx for answering

    • Update: you can't get him to contact you more. You need to learn to be more independent and not expect him to be in constant contact with you. You have to learn to survive without him. Not that I'm suggesting you go a week without talking but lecturing him to text you everyday will always end poorly. You just have to understand and accept that this is one of those things where men and women differ. Guys just aren't the conservators that women are. We don't enjoy it & need it as much as women do.

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  • My boyfriend doesn't contact me everyday. Sometimes it goes on for days and I don't hear from him. He is not doing anything though, just work or stay home and play his games. Just how he is. He hate texting and almost never reply to anybody. He only reply when an answer was required I guess.


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