Should I email him or just keep waiting?

Ok, this question maybe a little childish or unimportant and I maybe over thinking but I'm curious. This guy I was super close with phone broke nearly two months ago and we haven't really had a conversation since but he's emailed and I've emailed. His responses take about two days to four days except I haven't heard from him since my birthday when he sent a Happy Birthday email. Things were going great in June, better than expected. Last March his friends hacked his Facebook and blocked me and he never unblocked me. Well, Tuesday I sent a message asking him to be my friend like talk to me more and I haven't heard from him. Well last night I was on my Facebook typing in one of my friends names and his popped up. It turns out he unblocked me Wednesday but I had my messaging only from friends so he couldn't message me. Why did he suddenly unblock me? Should I email him or just keep waiting? And yes I know he's stringing me in a way, the only problem is that I don't hear from him barely. How to tell him in a way to help him understand that him not keeping in touch pisses me off?


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  • I think you should just keep waiting, if wants to contact he will.


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