Why is he not as angry as he should be?

So my boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Wednesday...well the day right after it I messed up big time and cheated on him. I have never ever cheated on anyone and prided myself of that. I made out with a guy that I used to work with. I know some people don't consider this real cheating, but I do and I know my boyfriend does. It was a drunk hookup. I told my boyfriend right when I got home what had happened.

He told me that I broke his heart, but is kinda just dropping it and is nowhere near as angry as I thought he would be. I can't stop crying cause I feel like absolute crap. The main reason I feel this way is because I didn't try to stop him from kissing me, and we repeatedly made out throughout the night. I really just do not know what to do, and have NO clue why my boyfriend is being so calm about this. Am I not as into this relationship with my boyfriend as I thought I was?


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  • Most likely he knows you already realize what you did was really bad and see no need to reiterate that.

    Either that or he feels, while it was bad, its not that super bad. It was just some quick slip up while drunk, since you only kissed him.

    I will say this though, my guess is he doesn't know you did it multiple times throughout the night. He would probably be a lot more mad if he knew that.

    I wouldn't say you are necessarily not as into the relationship, I would honestly say, its just because you are a female. Contrary to popular belief, women actually are lead more by their genitals than men. When a guy cheats, its because most likely he made a conscious choice to do so. Girls on the other will do it then look back and act like they were in some trance. When a girl gets emotional and turned on by a guy, she just can't hold herself back, hence the reason women are more likely to cheat. They lack the ability to have their logical brain override what they're emotions and genitals want.

    • thanks for the input...he actually does know that it happened more than once. I don't know I just hope that he has forgiven me, and that this isn't something that will linger and come out randomly a few months down the road, but I honestly cannot blame him if it does.

    • It probably will. It will just take the right situation to bring it out. But trust me, he's going to keep that card in his back pocket just in case he needs it.

    • Very well said.

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  • A couple of guesses

    1. He could be in shock and it really hasn't sunk in yet.

    2. As someone below said, maybe he sees your crying and pain and has decided to forgive you.

    3. He's cheated too at some point.

    4. Maybe he's just not the emotional type or the type that keeps things bottled in.

  • We all face temptations, perhaps your fella can see how upset you are and doesn't want to make you feel worse, or just loves you enough to forgive u

  • Maybe he just doesn't care about you anymore. You sure did mess up, there.

  • He must be a very understanding person to not get angry...

  • He could understand and trusts you to not make that decision again or he could be doing some introspective thinking on the relationship. (I hope for him that it's the latter)


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