I'm talking to this guy and he acts like he doesn't care about anything I tell him. Why does he act like that?

I've been seeing this guy for 7months now and I really like him. One day were fine other days He's awful. I ask him for advice sometimes because we have a very open relation ship and I feel he knows exactly what to say. But lately He's tells me he doesn't care about things I tell him or hell just be really mean about certain responses what should I do?


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  • Ugh. I am sorry to hear that. Seven months is a good amount of time to put up with this emotional roller coaster. I dated someone like that and it never got better. It sucked. It hurt and I found out that it was a form of control. I started to worry that I might say something to set him off, or make him act in a mean way to me. The thing is, that it wasn't me, it was him. He was emotionally immature and needed to deal with some emotional issues he had. He was taking it out on me.

    It sounds very similar to your situation. Seven months is the time when your relationship is feeling good, but yours sounds like it is feeling insecure/unsure. You should gather your courage (or suck it up) and be straight with him about how you don't like it when he treats you that way. Maybe he does it when he has other things on his mind, or is in a bad mood, but it doesn't excuse the behavior. If he isn't willing to work on it and stop, then you should move on. If he cares and wants the relationship to grow, he will be willing to take a look at his behavior. Be strong, don't back down, don't threaten him, but let him know you can't go on like that (and follow through with it). Good luck.

  • Well since you guys have an open relationship it might be that he caught feelings and likes you alot! Doesn't want you with other men since you mentioned you ask him for advice concerning I believe other men you dating. And he doesn't like it!

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