I don't know how to feel about him anymore. I really need advice please

So I have liked this guy since March this year. His ex-gf that he loved a lot broke up with him July last year. I did ask him about this girl, but he seemed like he was about to cry and asked if we could change the subject. It wasn't my place since me and him aren't dating anyway.

Moving on, there is a girl (call her Anna) that he was sleeping with since February. I had an inkling that something was going on between him and Anna, and my good friend confirmed it with me a few nights ago. She knows because he told her about it. Anna chased him from the start and he apparently didn't like her. Either way, he slept with her and then after sleeping with her he told her that he isn't looking for a relationship. She was obviously upset, as you would be but they continued this for a while, while I was off with the fairies liking him, stupid me. He told my friend that he felt like an a**hole for doing this, but he also didn't know what to do, and thought that his thought process was right at the time. Did he use her as a rebound?

Okay, so I was out at a party a two weeks ago, and he grabbed me and he implied I kiss him. I have never kissed anyone so I didn't do it. I told him this, and he said he respects me for my decisions etc. He asked me a few questions about relationships that night and I asked a few back. I asked him when was the last time he hooked up with someone and he said that something just ended recently. So obviously it was things with this girl Anna. A few days later he mentions him cooking me dinner at his. This is the stuff he did with Anna, he had her over at his and then he used her. I have met Anna, and she isn't a good girl to say the least but does he think I will sleep with him if he invites me over for dinner? (I am assuming he would understand that I have never kissed a guy, so probably a virgin too, I am)

I have been avoiding to bump into him at our normal place because I want him to chase me if he is interested. I want to see if he will text me to meet up etc. I asked my friend about him and she thinks I need to let him chase me.

My first impression of him was that he is a shy guy. Then when I realized what he has done, I was taken back a bit. So obviously not a shy guy. I still like him, but I would like to know how to go about this and just need some clarification. Have you ever had a friend with benefits? I have seen him and Anna together, and they never showed any signs of being together. He acted single and so did she. I just knew (gut feeling) that something was going on between them two.

NOW...he has also invited me to a house party at his which is coming up soon. He didn't invite Anna (I checked the invite list), so things between him and her are clearly over, but what do I do? I said to him that I will go, but after hearing all this about him, after he invited me to the party, I am confused, and considering of not showing up. Please help me! I can tell he likes me, but how much?


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  • I think that by inviting you, and not her, he's trying to show you that he does like you a lot.


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