Starting Grad School. Help me get laid!!! Preparation tips.

1. Grad school starts in October.

2. I've lost 12 pounds since July 70kg to 64kg. Still working on target goal of 57kg. No 6-pack yet but 2pac lol.

3. I'm getting my specialist exams out of the way in September.

4. I look semi-attractive now.

5. My confidence is in good shape.

6. I'm AM and I will try my absolute best to date a WF (I'm just going to thnk of myself as a white guy when I approach).

Any tips.

Obviously if you don't promote interracial relationship please don't reply with negative comments, but I tell you this now, my life is incomplete without a girl from the Western culture! I love it, grew up in NZ, the first girl I fell in love with was this really pretty Kiwi girl.

So please help me GAG!


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  • whats WF?


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