How can I calm down to talk to him better?

There's this guy I've known/liked since elementary school (hahah yes I've dates other guys and stuff). But we had a weird time when I , uh, proclaimed my love back then, and was just generally being a creepy little kid. We ended up not talking really until freshman year. Buy je has a girlfriend and I'm trying to get on with life. But now, I have a class with him ad he's my only friend in there really. Plus I was ecstatic that I'd have more time to talk to him and all. We're pretty good friends and all, but now, being around him so much, I'm remembering how bad I want him still. Therefore, I kinda get a little red and talk too much sometimes.

Haha how can I calm down to talk to him better? And should I wait until he isn't with his girlfriend or get on with life? And how, I've been 6 yeas on this.


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  • You should wait until he's not with his gf.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, if you have liked this boy for six years, and you guys are friends.. acting calm and generally just being relaxed should come naturally for you. I think for right now you should get on with your life, and just try to do things you love. If one day the time comes where this boy doesn't have a girlfriend anymore, than it will be your decision on whether or not you want to try and pursue this boy again.

    Good luck :) And remember you aren't the only girl who's felt this way too.


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