Is this too good to be true/ guy just met girl/ rebound dating or something better?

I've met this girl online dating and we have hung out a few time had a really great time together and planning more dates together, she has told me she can't wait to see me next and we both have lightly talked about our exes and she said she dumped him recently because he was too up himself, which doesn't worry me, but she seems to really like me only after a week, is this just a rebound for both of us or is it something more possibly blossoming into something more serious?


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  • Rebounds could turn into something serious. It's just the way you approach it. If you compare her/she compares you to your ex/her ex, then it's not going anywhere serious.

    But you're having a good time, you like her, she likes you, ... maybe she gets feelings quite fast for someone she has a connection with?

    Just hang out more, see if you get feelings for her and if she gets them too. If she does, so what it could have started as a rebound? I'm not saying it is.

    If it started like a rebound, so what? You two like each other and see where it goes!

    If it didn't start like one, great! Then you could date and see where it goes, lol.


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