Funny girl help? kind of a two question thing :) :)


(1) I have a date with a guy that I REALLY want to impress. I am normally a bit dorky/funny, but in front of him I am super awkward. When I show that awkward side he gives me a weird unimpressed look hahah. I'd like our date to be amazing! Once I feel comfortable with him I will be able to be my usual funny-ish self :) What are some jokes/techniques that make guys laugh? what are some techniques that intrigue guys? I am WAY more interested in making him laugh :) He's super cute...I am so awkward in front of him :( so sad.

(2) Hw is on "probation" because he did something rude last year. I agreed to go out with him again, BUT I don't know if I should wear something sexy this time around? Should I punish him with something conservative? The last time I wore something so cute and tight that he couldn't help saying that it was hot :) :) (ladies you know how great that feels!). I want to wear something uber sexy, but I don't want to appear desperate... I think if I wear something that is conservative (leather and black..not sexy short, but short enough...) what do you think? I don't wanna be desperate! he gets a hot dress the next time around if he is a good boy! Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks guys! :)


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  • 1. Just try to be yourself and if you need joke ideas their is plenty of funny jokes that you can google. But depending on the way you say the joke and it comes out will give it more of an impact. One of my favorite jokes I use to like to say were knock, knock jokes.Just don't try to be awkward in front of him. Just be calm and don't try to force anything. If you want to intrigue guys you can intrigue them with your knowledge. Also having good talking topics help. Some topics you should avoid talking about is politics because it always causes arguments and eve nreligion as well. Just be yourself and have fun. on the date. Don't over think it.

    2.I think the hot leather outfit sounds good. Even if you wear something to tease him. and I think you should wear the dress next time around if he is a good boy. But wear something that makes you comfortable and that will tease him. Guys like to be teased and we like to wonder what a girl is wearing underneath everything.


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  • 1) Every guy has different sense of humor, go with what you know.

    2) Dressing conservatively would be fine.


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