Who is the better entertainer to you?

Dina :She shows great personality and stage presence ,but shows barely any technique . link

Sadie :She shows great technique ,but barely any personality . link

In your opinion ,which one of these two is the better entertainer ?Explain .

  • Dina
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  • Sadie
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  • Dina.


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What Guys Said 1

  • well if you're going off purely entertainer, wouldn't it be the one who has better stage presence?

    • Ok, finished watching videos, Not sure who to vote for yet, but Dina definitely seemed more lively, but Sadie seems more impressive.

What Girls Said 1

  • <3 belly dancing!

    A newbie.

    Do you dance?

    Ugh Dina...Dina...get a better top girl...

    Sadie yeah she's demure with her belly dancing :P but she has it together

    Hmm if I just went to see some skin and giggling boobs I'd go see Dina but it I was looking for good belly dancing I'd want to see Sadie.

    I pick Sadie :)

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