Reuniting with a former fling?

So, last night I ran into an ex-girlfriend of over 2 years ago at a bar. I have changed a lot (gained 25 lbs from working out, got my braces off, etc) and she was kind of stunned.

We ended up talking for about 30 minutes until I was leaving and her boyfriend was meeting her. She kept saying how handsome I looked, grabbing my chest, and just looking at me googly-eyed. She is going out of the country for 3 months and wanted me to visit her, kept saying how her new boyfriend wasn't her type, and she was leaving in a few weeks anyway. Also, she kept asking who "the lucky lady was" .. She walked me out as I was leaving and told me she wanted to see me during the week.

I sent her a text later in the night:

Me: You look great - nice to see you :)

Her: thx! you do too!

Me: I'Il call you during the week, get home safe.

Her: I am, you are so gorgeous! Always have been! I am glad you came to the bar tonight.

She was texting me until almost 4 am.

I am supposed to meet her later this week, what do you think? I still have feelings for her and she looked amazing.


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  • i wouldn't get you're hopes up just yet. 1) she's leaving for 3 months and you have no idea what she'll be doing 2) don't make any moves until the other guys is out of the picture or you'll just have unnecessary drama to deal with... so I would hang out with her but try not to get too involved until she gets back and then see how it goes


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  • It sounds like she just wants you because of your appearance, if you broke up for a good reason, then definitely leave that girl alone. Also, flirting and making plans to meet up with you while she has a boyfriend? What makes you think she won't do the same to you next time a good looking guy comes her way? I'd just go back to how you were before you ran into her, and find a girlfriend that isn't trying to get with you because of how you look.

  • She's going out the country for 3 months, so don't expect too much yet but it sounds like she still likes you!


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