When your boyfriend is talking to his ex?

Him and his ex only dated for about three weeks before she broke up with him in a pretty lame way, over the phone.

But they have one class together and she's the only one he knows in that class so he talks to her then. I also saw them talking after school because they both ride the bus, and when I came up to go out with him after school she was walking away and she called his name and gave him this weird look.

I also saw her text him in July, so they text sometimes too.

It's just, the overall idea of them talking makes me really insecure, even if they only dated for 3 weeks and they didn't do much together, it makes me insecure. What should I do? Should I talk to him about it? And why do you think he's talking to her? :(


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  • They probably dated because they were two people who get along well.

    And turns out they get along better as friends than as boyfriend/girlfriend.

    I dated a guy for a short period of time, maybe a month or so. He's lovely. But for me, it just wasn't right as a relationship. We didn't work. The chemistry wasn't there. But that doesn't mean I suddenly stopped liking him or his personality. We still talk and we're friends.

    For such a short relationship - I doubt there were any REAL feelings there for either of them - so it's not like you have anything to worry about. I think you need to just get over it. She's a part of his life. She's his friend. Trust him and believe that's all she is.


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  • When that happens, you talk to him about why he is.


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  • Because he still wants her

    • then what should I do about it?

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    • wow your advice is ridiculous just cause he's talking to his ex doesn't mean I break up with him

    • Ok when you find out about him sneaking around with her remember that lol

  • were they friends already before they dated? I guess you can informally ask him how far the two of them go back.

    • they were friends about a month before they dated

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