Girl I'm talking to says she eventually wants a committed relationship but is scared to be alone with me?

A friend of mine and I have started talking/dating. We've been hanging out together for more than half a year now and we started talking about a relationship just recently. She says she plans on being in a committed relationship, and even stopped dating another guy to start things with me. But for now she says just wants to spend time together. That's cool, I get that.

However, I tried to take her to a movie and she said she wasn't ready for real dates yet and that being alone with me freaks her out. That I don't get.

She said it isn't anything personal she just is nervous about being alone with guys. She says for now she just wanted to keep hangingout with other people around like we've been doing since we met. I just don't understand that. We've been doing that for six+ months; why is she willing to stop dating other people for me but not let me actually be alone with her, not even to just go see a movie. Now, she has dated a lot of people and has been in several relationships. She isn't shy or anything like that, more like the kind of girls that like to go out to clubs and rave and dance their asses off.

But yeah, So instead she invited me over to watch a movie with her and her roommate. When I got there, her roommate had step out so we were alone ironically. She definitely seemed off a little bit, but as soon as her roommate came back and the movie started she was all close and touchy and generally cuddly, no problems.

It kind of feel like she may have intimacy issues or something. But I don't know. She is the first person I've ever started seeing with the purpose of a committed relationship though, and I've only lightly dated one other girl before that (who I ended things with to be with the girl I'm talking about now). So that is just a little disclaimer that I may just not understand.

But girls, is this normal? Help me understand this a little more if you can. I really like her, and I don't want to force her or anything; I'm happy to deal around her issues, but I would just like some help understanding it.


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  • Either this girl has serious intimacy issues or she's playing you. It's been six months I would just move on. I think it's interesting how she gets cuddly when her roommate is in the room. How do you know she isn't just using you to boost her ego in front of people.

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