Is it ever okay to ask someone if they like or did like you?

There's a girl who used to work with me. We became good friends pretty quickly, but shortly before she left, she really seemed to be flirting with me. This was maybe six months ago. Anyway, we hung out a week or two ago and I kind of started thinking about the way we used to talk before she left. I wanted to ask her if she liked me before, but I didn't know if that would be a good idea or not. Is it or isn't it?


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  • Well speaking from experience one time was good but the other not. In the first one the guy said his true feelings that he had for me the year before and it was okay and now we are best friends. The second guy though after he said his past feelings for me,put a big distance between us and now we do not talk at all.So in my opinion,you can ask but you will never know until she gives you the answer.

    • I don't know about her, but I would still be fine with being friends. I kind of like her, but it's not very strong, more like a curiousity than a crush.

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    • So if my intentions are good, then there's not really much of a downside? Like it wouldn't make her feel bad or make her think I was trying to manipulate her or something like that?

    • In the end it will all depend on how you will bring the topic. Even if your intentions are good, if you say it in the wrong timing it might offend her. You will have to show her in the way you are speaking that you aren't going to make fun of her and say to her that out of curiosity you would like to know and if she answers thank her for being honest and that there will be awkward moments between you two.

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  • Yeah go for it I don't see anything wrong with that


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  • Do what I did. Tell her your feelings, then leave the ball in her court because this game has gone on long enough.


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